Golden Apple Awards


In the spring of each year, the UACA solicits nominations from the public and private high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, and pre-schools located within Upper Arlington for the most deserving teacher in each school. Nominations are made by students, parents and peers. The nominations are reviewed by the UACA Directors and the “Golden Apple” recipient is selected for each school. In April, personal presentations are made to each to the teachers, in a surprise classroom visit. Each winner receives a plaque from the UACA, balloons, an edible Golden Apple, the opportunity to ride on the Golden Apple float in the 4th of July parade, and public recognition among the community.

“The UACA recognizes and rewards outstanding educators in Upper Arlington who, through their continuous dedication to students, parents, peers and the whole community, help make UA such a great place to live,” said Tina Falasca, UACA Golden Apple Award coordinator and co-director. “We know that the Upper Arlington schools are a source of great pride for the community, so the UACA is thrilled to be able to recognize those individuals who work tirelessly to prepare Upper Arlington students for the future.”

This Week News

The 2017 winners are:

  • Barrington:  Lynne Lupton
  • Greensview:  Jeanne Beaver
  • Tremont:  Nate Evans
  • Jones:  John Osinski
  • Hastings:  Jeff Elliott
  • St. Agatha:  Bernadette Buzenski
  • St. Andrew:  Patricia Lubanovic
  • St. Andrew Preschool:  Amanda Carter
  • Wellington:  Stephen Winslow
  • Windermere:  Maria Bernon
  • UA High School:  Ed & Gretchen Zunic
  • Wickliffe:  Kathryn Coplin

The 2016 winners are:

  • Barrington:   Lauren Kowalski
  • Greensview:  Stephanie Weisker
  • Tremont:  Erica Riesen
  • Jones:  Molly Miely
  • Hastings:  Kevin Lloyd
  • St. Agatha:  Jericho Wagenbrenner
  • St. Andrew:   Andrew Pumphrey
  • Wellington:   Becky Fuller
  • Mountview Christian Preschool:   Jillian Silliman
  • Windermere:   Amy Leahy
  • UA High School:    Mark Wilkinson
  • Wickliffe:      Shelly Hughes

The 2015 winners are:

  • Barrington:   Katie Benton
  • Greensview:  Holly Cline
  • Tremont:  Linda Gordon
  • Jones:  Amanda Mangini
  • Hastings:  David Monseur
  • St. Agatha:  Veronica Stemen
  • St. Andrew:   Scott Jeggle
  • Wellington:   Aaron Frim
  • UA Bears Preschool:   Mrs. Stummer and Mrs. Walsh
  • Windermere:   Beth McCormick
  • UA High School:    Rob Soccorsi
  • Wickliffe:      Kristin Rodriguez

The 2014 winners are:

  • Barrington: Debra Amling
  • Greenview: Cheryl Cartwright
  • Hastings: Lisa Lloyd
  • Jones: Gregg Moul
  • Tremont: Michelle Persichetti
  • Wickliffe: Molly Hinkle
  • Windermere: Emily Adams
  • UAHS: Joe Endres
  • St. Agatha: Janette Crowley
  • St. Andrews: Donna Reo
  • Wellington: David “Berc” Backhurst
  • Upper Arlington Lutheran Christian Preschool: Jodi Coleman