2017 Golden Apple Award Winners

Wickliffe students congratulating their teacher and Golden Apple winner, Kathryn Coplin.

A great time was had by our UACA directors, school administrators, students, and families as we gathered this past week to celebrate the dedicated teachers we are so lucky to have here in Upper Arlington!  In 2017, we received a record number of nominations, over 675, from students, parents, educators and alumni to recognize an outstanding educator from each school in UA.

Memorable moments from our 2017 Golden Apple award presentations:

  • One recipient who gave their acceptance speech after all of the kids left the room to go eat cake.
  • One recipient who was unaware that he had won until we presented the award to BOTH Husband and Wife.
  • Five recipients who were ‘at a loss of words’. And at least half a dozen who teared up (as did some of our directors).
  • A recipient who not only ordered her own celebratory cake but was in the midst of running away from us as we presented her with the award.
  • A recipient who had a classroom of about 10 preschoolers who did not utter a peep through the entire presentation then diligently stood and smiled for the picture.
  • All the while only one balloon popped across 12 presentations (they are very resilient bouncing off sharp edges and rubbing against light fixtures)!

Congratulations to all of our winners.  We look forward to seeing you in the Fourth of July parade!

The 2017 winners are:

  • Barrington:  Lynne Lupton
  • Greensview:  Jeanne Beaver
  • Tremont:  Nate Evans
  • Jones:  John Osinski
  • Hastings:  Jeff Elliott
  • St. Agatha:  Bernadette Buzenski
  • St. Andrew:  Patricia Lubanovic
  • St. Andrew Preschool:  Amanda Carter
  • Wellington:  Stephen Winslow
  • Windermere:  Maria Bernon
  • UA High School:  Ed & Gretchen Zunic
  • Wickliffe:  Kathryn Coplin


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